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Welcome to roy.lu

This is my attempt at web design. Whatever way you might feel about web design in itself, whether it should just be functional, highlighting the content, easy to navigate, etc… - well, for me, to all of the above can be added a touch of art.

I design and build web sites which are real utilities and the emphasize is clearly put on easy and intuitive navigation. Useres want to access information as fast as possible, which I can provide through a certain attractiveness and the respecting of web standards.

Web design

While I was actually studying Sports & Psychology at University, I somewhat soon found my passion for web design. Starting off my first HTML-steps in Notepad I quickly went over to using CSS (for the designing) and later on PHP & MySQL for more dynamic designs.

Just surf around and take a look at some sites I have created. For any further information or personal quotations don't hesitate to contact me.

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